Friday, December 11, 2009

Days of December 10 & 11

Today I am actually ahead of the game in my daily posting. I decided to go ahead and post the 11th which is today - usually I post each day the following day. We are watching Night At The Museum Battle of the Smithsonian & I rarely can just watch a movie. I usually only kind of watch and have my laptop with me which is what I am doing now so I had time to put these pages together and post them. Today we made scarves & they were inexpensive, easy & cute! They were about $1 each. I just picked out polar fleece that matched each of my kids personalities and got 7 inches for each kid. I evened up the cut when I got home and then cut 3 inch strips at each end to create fringe. The kids tied a knot on each fringe and easy... done. Carson's has a soccer theme and Morgan's has a multi sport theme. Yesterday on the 10th we made sugar cookies using the classic cookie recipe. I posted my sugar cookie recipes on my blog in 2007 and if you would like to grab the recipes you can click HERE to go to that post. We also went out to dinner as a family last night. My kids always love that but I don't take it personally against my cooking - instead I just enjoy a break!

Today I got some more of my Christmas shopping done today. I am getting very close to being done & that feels good! I probably would have finished but I decided to do some coupon shopping at Albertsons & to go out to lunch with Clayne and before I knew it the kids were home from school. Maybe I'll get out tomorrow and finish it up & do some wrapping....

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