Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Days of December 14 & 15

Here are days 14 & 15. Whew... this month is going by so fast... already half over! On the 14th we did a Mad Lib as a family and the kids were in hysterics. You can make one too by going to Family Fun HERE. The girls enjoyed making Finish Stars but the boys thought they looked too complicated. You can find directions to make them HERE. On the 15th I conducted personal interviews of each of my kids. I don't get that old dinosaur (the video recorder) out very often and so they loved feeling like celebrities LOL. I think it will be fun to see how their answers to the questions change each year. We also made a slushy drink that we all enjoyed. It was easy. You just take one can each of frozen orange juice, pineapple juice & lemonade and add 3 cans of water then freeze it in ice cube trays & when frozen serve with 7 Up. Smash the cubes with a fork and you have a easy and yummy slush. Until tomorrow.... Happy Holidays!

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