Friday, December 4, 2009

Days of December 3

So how is December going for you? Mine is already going by way to fast. Maybe I am just trying to do too many things but I feel like I need a little more time in my day. For example... I didn't get our family Christmas newsletter written yet - which I was supposed to do yesterday. I do keep our letter very short and simple though so I plan to take 10 minutes and get it done today. I had hoped to send the Christmas cards out today but I think if I just get a good start on getting my newsletter printed and stuff them into the envelopes along with the photo that is already printed and ready to go (YIPEE) I may just take my time getting the addresses on them gradually over the weekend and drop them in the mail Monday. That would still be much earlier than I do most years.

Last night Savannah & Carson helped me get the neighbor gifts ready - we will deliver them sometime this next week. If you are a neighbor reading my blog, sorry for the sneak peak. It is simple... a sheet of window clings with a tag that says "we hope you CLING to your family & traditions this holiday season." I purposely made lots of them so we'd have plenty to take to family parties and other events too. I'd post a picture of the tag but I made that on the desktop downstairs when my laptop was being crazy yesterday and so I don't have access to it from the laptop now. Fortunately the laptop seems to be working fine today. Whew!

Well the kids are home today because of Parent Teacher conferences and so I should go and do our Dec. 4 activity with them and I do need to go to the grocery store sometime too and get the ingredients I need for a breakfast casserole to take to the ward Christmas breakfast that will be tomorrow morning. As for PT Conferences that I went to this morning.... um... I'm just gonna say that the boys are going to have to step up and do better or they will be loosing some privileges. I knew something was up when day after day they had no homework.

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Lori Ann said...

We love our window clings! Xander keeps moving them around and he loves to play with his snowflakes. Thanks!