Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Grocery Deals week of Feb 18

Did you see the cover story in the paper today? It is about the "coupon queen." The paper will be running a column each Wed. from her. I am looking forward to learning for that column how to save more money on my groceries. Today the column stated how grocery sales are rotated on a 12 week schedule. I had noticed that there was a cycle to the sales of grocery items but didn't know the time frame. I will be studying the prices and making my own listing to track the items that I frequently buy so that I can stock up when they are at their lowest. I already do this to some extent but I know that if I am even more diligent in my study that I will save more and in these times - it is important to me. Here are two web links for the coupon queen.


$1.89/lb Extra lean ground beef
99cents/lb chicken drumsticks, thighs or split breasts
$1.29/lb pork shoulder butt roast or country style spareribs (bone in)

$1.99/gal milk
$1.29/doz eggs
3/$1 Kroger yogurt
$1/16 oz cottage cheese, sour cream or dips
$2.99 Dreyers ice cream
$1.49/lb kroger butter
$1.69 Kraft cheese 8 oz packs
99cents kraft phil. cream cheese

$1.99 healthy choice or marie callender's entrees
$1.00 Dole garden salad
$2.29/12 pack Big K soda
2/$1 hershey's candy bars


These are in ad coupon deals:
88 cents albertsons american singles cheese (limit 4)
97 cents albertsons potato chips (limit 2)
97 cents VO5 shampoo or conditioner (limit 2)
$1.69 Kraft salad dressing (limit 2)
$1.99 fresh blue or black berries
$2.77 Breyers ice cream (limit 2)
$4.99 Moran's ground beef patties - 3 lb frozen

$1.99/lb beef chuck 7 bone roast or steak, beef sirloin tip or chuck cross rib roast

3/$5 albertsons butter

On the back page there are some stock up sale items - but I am pretty sure that most of these prices are just as cheap at Winco.

There is also an offer to buy 10 participating items in one transaction and get a coupon for $10 off your next shopping visit. You will have to check this one out to see if the items are things you regularly use and if you think this is a deal for you. Happy shopping!

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