Sunday, February 8, 2009

Project 365 Day 39

Today's photo prompt was the movie Fantastic Four. Lucky me that I just so happen to have my very own Fantastic Four. And here is a quote I found that I LOVE. Have a great day!
"Children are what live on catsup, Never hang their coats or hats up, Climb and walk upon all things, Leap and touch all signs and tall things, Travel in strange lopes and crouches, Bubble-gum the rugs and couches, Test the ice and feed the spiders, Pitch their tents against all outsiders, Peel the paint and probe the lichen, Never, never bring a bike in, Leave cocoons and toads in hallways. . . Melt out hearts at bedtime. . .always!" - Nonee Nolan

1 comment:

Lori Ann said...

That is a darling quote! And your fantastic four are darling too!