Friday, February 20, 2009

Total for these groceries?

I decided I needed to hit that Albertsons deal for $10 off your next transaction when you buy 10 participating items. The total amount paid with tax for all of these 90 items was $47.57! I actually got these 24 cans of Progresso Soup for free by printing the coupons here. You can print 2 of each coupon but I was able to print two sets from my laptop and another two sets from the old desktop downstairs. I tried to print coupons at the Betty Crocker site for some of the other items but for some reason I kept getting an error code and so wasn't able to use any of those but I had a few in my own stash from newspapers. Yes... there is plenty of sugar on the table there but for after school school snacks or a cookie in their school lunch that I pack 4 days out of 5. Or there is always FHE treats, etc. Soups and cake mixes store well for our food storage. So I was very pleased with my purchase. Then when I got looking at my receipts I was excited about the fact that my gas rewards have accumulated and I now can get $1.05 off each gallon of gas (up to 20 gallons!) YIPEE! I am almost down on my gas gauge to where I can take advantage of all 20 gallons. I'll be smiling all the while I pump that gas. SWEET! So fyi... the sale at Albertsons is while supplies last or Tuesday.


Theresa Marie said...

WOW! WOW! WOW!!!!! That is amazing! Way to GO!!!!

Janiel said...

Love it, love it! I was so excited when I saw the Albertson's sale this week. Nothing better than getting things cheap and free! Good work!