Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grocery Deals

Ok readers.... I have known for quite a while that you can access the grocery ads online for both Smith's and Albertsons but decided to just keep listing them here on my blog. Today I spent a little time at each of their sites and found that there is quite a bit to offer at each one. You can print coupons that work with deals that they have for the week and at Smith's you can even upload the coupons to your card so you don't have to print them or pack them to the grocery store. So anyway... go and check it out. I am going to relcaim about 15 minutes a week by not posting the grocery deals on my blog anymore. Maybe with them time I save I can post other things like a recipe or fun ideas... who knows lol. I hope that if the groceries were the only reason you stopped by my blog that you will find other reasons to visit me. I will likely give a shout out when there is a sale that is just too good to miss or when I find a super fab deal but for the weekly ads go to
Smith's Link
Albertsons Link

I will likely add these links to my side bar but just not right this minute lol.

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