Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Valentine Projects

So here I am the head room mom again this year. I felt like since they were all in school all day I should be committed to helping out more at school. The Valentine party is this Friday and here are two of the projects and a game that we will be doing. There will be a couple other games too that other Mom's are in charge of.

Craft: The craft is made by painting the pinky side of the hand in a c shape and stamped down on a piece of poster board repeated by the opposite hand to form a heart. Tongue depressors are used for the frame and then it is jazzed up a bit by some stickers and foam hearts I picked up at WalMart. Then use a permanent marker to write their name on the frame. I went to the school today and got all the paint stamping done so that the craft won't take long on Friday.
Treat: They always seem to get plenty of goodies and aren't hungry enough to eat the cupcake or cookie so I am having them make these so that they can take them home if they want. It is made on a bambo skewer for BBQ. Easy Peasy!
Game: Candy Conversation Story: Fill a bowl with Valentine candy conversation hearts. Have party guests sit in a circle. Choose one person to start the game by taking a candy heart from the bowl. That person starts a story of his own creation and must include the words from the candy heart in the story. He then passes the bowl t the next person who chooses a candy heart and continues the story. This continues around the circle with each person adding to the story and using the words from the candy hearts. This game often creates a lot of laughter from the crazy story lines!


Me - Jen said...

Look at you go!! Dang you put the rest of us to shame!! I am trying to figure it all out this evening!! :(

Hilary said...

cute, TiffanY!