Friday, February 13, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!

I hope you are all having a fun Valentine weekend. I found this picture that Savannah drew on the back of one of her school papers and I just had to share it. Of course I had to ask her what was by Cupid's bottom even though I was worried about what the answer might be. She told me it was just a sparkle. I guess Cupid just has a shiny hiney. (credits: frame by MCato)
Here are the Valentine cards I made for my kids to pass out to their friends today. Cheyenne's is made using Smooches which you can find here. Morgan's is made using King of Hearts which you can find here. Carson's is made using Love Struck which you can find here and Savannah's is made using Kiss My __ which you can find here.

I made a few hybrid items with free downloads I found on the net. The candy bags are for the ladies I visit teach and the water bottles are for the kid's school teachers. The bag toppers link can be found here and the water bottle wraps can be found here.


Hilary said...

that drawing is hilarious!!!!

Such cute valentines, Tiffany! I love the water bottles!

Shelly B. said...

Love the cupid drawing! Toooo funny.

Oh, and "I'm sure OWL love being your Valentine!" Thanks Tiff!

Jedd and Kathi Bodily said...

That is the funniest picture of cupid I have ever seen! Jedd and I both had a good laugh over the shiney hiney! Keep the laughs coming!