Sunday, January 11, 2009

Project 365 Day 10

Hey there. I know I am late in getting yesterday's photo posted. But yesterday's photo took me out of town. Clayne and I went to SLC to watch a Jazz game. The prompt for this photo was "Let's try using our sight to illustrate a different sense. Show us something that smells." And just in case you missed where I was getting my photo prompts - I am getting them from the forum at Scrap Orchard (here).
Believe me there were lots of smells when you get this many people packed into an arena. The smell that stood out the most was the hot dogs that the people seated next to us were eating. The hot dogs were loaded with green peppers and onions and I don't like either of these veggies. Oh well! I overlooked this small nuisance and had a good time watching the game. In case you missed the game it was the Jazz against the Pistons and the Jazz won with a score of 99 to 82. We went with Clayne's boss and they had VIP seats we were in the second row of folding chairs right on the floor. The Pistons team players were just 2 yards away from me. I have never been to a professional ball game and so it was a fun new experience even if I am not all that sports minded. Being in the VIP section - they had a special area that we were able to go to before the game began for a nice dinner and then during half time we were able to go back in this room again for snacks. The dinner and snacks were complimentary which was kind of fun. I have no idea what these kinds of seats would have cost if we had to purchase them ourselves. It was very generous of Clayne's boss to take us along. We left our kids with my parents and then stayed over in SLC. It was a nice get away. And if you made it through all this... here is the thought to go with today's photo.
"Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game." -Michael Jordan

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Me - Jen said...

In the front was that not the best!! Hopefully you were not in ear length of Jerry!! We use to go and have seats within ears length. He has a potty mouth. Anyhow sounds like a fun game and I am glad you got to go and spend some time with your honey