Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Project 365 Day 14

Today the prompt was, "today it's just about sight. Show us something that's a pleasure to see.Whether it's the photo that's outstanding or the subject that's stunning, let's see some pics that we just want to keep looking at." I took advantage of this prompt and purchased myself a bouquet of roses so I could photograph them. If you haven't been given flowers lately, you could treat yourself to some too. It is kind of fun! And here is a thought for today.
"Everything has beauty but not everyone sees it. -Proverb


Lori Ann said...

Your roses are so pretty! And I love the thought. I'll have to remember to look for beauty in everything.

Kimberly Clark said...

I love your photo. The angle and the sun coming in speratically like that through the window is very striking. Well done, Our class would have been proud. I like the snow man thought too.