Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Grocery Ad thru Nov. 6

Happy Halloween!

Here are your grocery deals for the week. While at the store why not pick up a DVD to watch. Here is your free code. Enjoy!


99 cents/doz. eggs
3/$5 Smith's butter
1.79/lb. boneless, skinless chicken breasts
1.49/lb. pork ribs
2.99/lb. petite sirloin steak or beef round, london broil
10/$10 Oscar mayer ham (lunchmeat)
2/88 cents Kroger canned vegetables
1.99 each when you buy a combination of four: tombstone pizza, breyer's ice cream, klondike or breyers novelties bars
5/$10 Kellog cereal


4.99 Coca-cola 24 can pack (first one at this price)
2.99/lb. beef lion top sirloin steak
4.99/2 lb. block Tillamook cheese (many varieties)
10/$10 cheese nip crackers
Many Many buy one get one free items... too many for me to type, see ad or store for details

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