Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Simplifying Motherhood

I shared the laundry essay last week, but there were other things at Trish Berg's site that I thought were fun and helpful as a mom. I don't know about you, but we struggle to keep our kids on track with doing their chores. We come up with a new method and it works for a while and then we have to get creative and try another way. I really want to try the family chore auction that Trish suggests. http://www.trishberg.com/Adobe/SurvivingMotherhood/FamilyChoreAuction.pdf
If you have preschoolers, I thought this job chart was cute.
I LOVED this idea of putting little notes in your kid's lunch box. These are ready to print, clip and slip into the lunch box. FUN!
These school notes and school schedules may even come in handy for those who like to keep a family binder - you organized ladies!
And this is a pretty good babysitter info sheet for your family binder.
Trish has written a book about dinner swapping. I know some of the ladies in our neighborhood have tried it and love it. I think I have too picky of kids - ok... I'm picky too, so we haven't tried it, but if you want to read up on it or check out her site it is www.trishberg.com

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Hilary said...

Good finds, Tiffany!! I've bookmarked her site. I love organizational motivation.

Still haven't swept my floor and yet here I sit at the computer. Mike loved your pumpkin treat. I'm making myself wait until after dinner. THANK YOU!!!