Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween Mix Up Dinner Corrections

Hey, when I posted the list of menu items earlier it was a list that Clayne and I had tried to piece together because I had lost the copy of the "Chef's Menu" that was the key to what all the crazy menu items were. There are some on the list that I do like better than what we came up with so I'm posting it for anyone who wants a variation. Of course you could always come up with some of your own ideas too.

Jack the Ripper (knife)
Witches Brew (apple cider)
Haunted Hash (jello salad)
Rat's Revenge (cheese sticks)
Black Cat Eyes (olives)
Scary Scooper (spoon)
Worm Delight (gummy worms)
Cow Pie (sloppy joe)
Chip Off the Old Block (toothpick)
Owl Eyes (mini donuts)
Goblin Crunch (potato chips)
Stringy Scarecrow Blood (celery sticks)
Bat Wings (napkin)
Skeleton Bone (fork)
Chilled Vampire Blood (ketchup)
Broomstick (pretzel sticks or fries)
Witches Fingers (mini dill pickles)
Pumpkin Curls (carrot sticks)

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