Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Grocery Deals


The case lot sale continues. See last week's blog listing for a sample of the case prices.

$1.69/lb. Boneless, skinless chicken breasts
$2.99/lb. Baby back ribs or pork tenderloin
$2.79/gal. milk


Lots of buy one get one free offers. I think you have to be careful on this pricing because often the buy one price is high to make up for the free one.

BOGO free Beef round, bottom round steak or rump roast
BOGO free on many other cuts of meat as well

For four days only (wed, thurs, fri and sat)
99 cents/lb. assorted pork loin chops
$2.99/lb. petite sirloin steak
$2.99/24 pack arrowhead spring water (limit 2)
$1.49 bag Nestle fun size candy (limit 2)

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ME!!! said...

My gosh you make me tired. Blogs, sales, I am such a slacker, I suck!