Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Grocery Ads


5/$12 Coca-Cola twelve packs
Yeah for Christine and her Coke machine!

$1.49/bag Hershey's Snack size candy
89 cents Motts Apple juice 64 oz.
$1.49 Cheeze it crackers
2/$3 Kellogs cereal


$1.99 Breyers Ice Cream and Tombstone pizza (must buy 4 for this price)
3/$5 Nabisco snack crackers
4/$1 Regular size Hershey's candy bars
3/$5 Cheetos or Fritos

5/$12 Coca-Cola twelve packs
$1.88/lb Extra lean ground beef
5/$10 General Mills cereals


ME!!! said...

Thank you again. Now I can go stock up on Halloween candy!!

C H R I S T I N E said...

YEAH!!! I have been holding out for a good sale and I'm glad I did.

Shelly Brown said...

Sweet! I love it when Albertsons does the soda sales. Gotta go stock up! Do you know when that sale ends