Monday, October 15, 2007

This girl makes me laugh every day!

Aren't kids the best? Savannah makes me laugh every single day. She is just so witty and I never know what she is going to say. People always say, "I hope you are writing all this down." Problem is I would have volumes - so here are just a few.

  1. Savannah wants to be a warie for Halloween. I thought oh dear not a werewolf. That isn't a pretty thing for a girl. She explained to me that she wanted to be half witch and half fairy. She then told me what she'd wear. We'll see what she actually ends up wearing.
  2. The picture here shows that she has excellent fashion sense. She came out wearing this last week - ready for school. She informed me that it is, "cool in Bratz world." I told her that it wasn't cool in this world. I guess I am not the best mom, but I just couldn't let her go to school like that. I hope someday she'll thank me Ü She wasn't too upset though when I had her change.

  3. Now that Clayne sits on the stand each Sunday, sometimes I can't manage all four of my kids too well. You can only sit between two of them and they all need to be separated sometimes. I sent Savannah to sit with the bishop's wife a few weeks ago. After Sacrament Meeting, Jill told me that she had asked Savannah if she wanted to sing the rest hymn with her. Savannah said, "I only like to sing songs that rock." What a silly girl!

  4. Crimply... what kind of word is that? Well according to Savannah that is how a heart really looks. Not like a valentine heart. She must have been watching the discovery channel or something.

  5. When visiting our friends, the Glausers, at their cabin she was fascinated by the mounted animal heads on the walls. Paul admitted that he was a hunter. She looked at him and said, "you don't look like a hunter." I don't know what she thought a hunter looks like. He went on to explain that he had shot these animals. She looked horrified and in a very authoritative voice let him know that he should let them live and that, "aminals (that is how she sometimes says animals) need to be free in nature!" It was so funny.

  6. I help in Savannah's kindergarten class each week and she pointed out a boy named Gawain to me a few weeks ago and whispered, "that's Gawain, the hottie I've been telling you about." He overheard her and said, "don't ever call me that again." I had to hide my laughter.

  7. Ok... just this last one then I'll stop. Savannah asked me if it would be alright if she used some crayons because she can't wear make up. She informed me that she needed to look good for Gawain.


Teresa said...

we are gonna be in trouble in a few years!

Shelly Brown said...

She is hilarious! Love that outfit! Too funny!

Emily said...

What would we do without our kids! She is a cutie

Hilary said...

What FUNNY stories, Tiffany! What a goofball!