Monday, October 8, 2007

Since the kids were out of school for a few days and it was Conference weekend we decided to get out of town. (And I must say that general conference was amazing. I can't wait to study the talks more. I loved the emphasis on families and motherhood.) We took the kids to our condo at Bear Lake. Bet you can't guess where we spent most of our time while there... the pool of course. It doesn't matter where we go as long as there is a pool. We all had a great time. On the way down we went through Logan and stopped to visit the Horrocks family. They adopted kids about the same time as we adopted Cheyenne and Morgan and in that order... they got a girl 1 year before us and a boy 1 year before us. We have always had a special connection with them. Unfortunately we hadn't seen them for about 3 years. It was so good to see them. While at the condo I thought I'd call another old friend of mine. She had mentioned in their Christmas letter that they had bought a cabin at Bear Lake. I graduated from nursing school with this friend and we figure we hadn't seen them in about 7 years. Luck had it that they were staying at their cabin and we were able to go visit the Glauser's at their cabin. It was so fun to catch up with these great friends. It is awesome to me to have friends that no matter how long it has been since seeing them, you can pick right back up and enjoy being together with no awkwardness. I would challenge you that if you have friends like these that you haven't seen in a while... DO IT. The Glauser's introduced us to a really fun card game called Five Crowns. If you like card games, you ought to get this one. Lots of fun.

We had a bit of snow on our trip and so we were not surprised to find snow at home. What we were surprised to find was the state of our maple tree in our back yard. I am still lamenting the loss of it. We planted it 4 years ago and it was just getting pretty. It was my favorite tree in the yard and now we will have to dig it up because the heavy snow broke two main limbs and it will never be a strong or pretty tree now. As much as I am glad for the moisture.... I am more sad for my lost tree :(


Shelly Brown said...

oh your poor, poor tree! what a bummer!

i'm glad you guys had a fun trip! sounds like a relaxing weekend!

Hilary said...

Sad, Tiffany!!!!! I'd be so bummed too. We were out shaking snow off our trees. Wish I'd thought to go shake off yours!

Your vacay sounds really nice... LUCKY!

ME!!! said...

That sucks Tiff, your tree that is. I am glad you got away and had a good time. Thanks for the challenge I think I am going to try it.

Tiffany B said...

Thanks for the company in my misery. You guys are great!